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Mind Your Own Business


Creating out of the ordinary business models for extra ordinary people !

& Spinnit To Get Paid

Spinnit Vision

We believe the next phase of Internet technology should offer the end-user absolute control over their own data, to do with as they please.

Spinnit Mission

Our mission is to create the data-sharing & financial instruments that enable people to control their information and have freedom of contract, giving them a choice to impact society in whatever way they want to.

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Think Mission Control

General Purpose

Data & Commerce are bound together. You can’t focus on one and leave the other. Everyone should have the right to have control over these two components and to take charge in their endeavors to build their world. With Spinnit we help you create data shares from your data, so you will have the ability to create your own terms and conditions and bargain with what is yours. You will be able to create digital relationships with peers, vendors or the internet of things, while staying in control of your commercial potential. Whether it is data or commerce, with Spinnit we emancipate you from platform centric thinking with both data shares and smart options and we help you distribute value to Impact Invest.

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We are building the most lightweight charity & fund manager as part of our pre-sale, which in turn will be how we will manage our global gamified ICO.

Spinnit Technologies is accepting bids on 8% as public equity as part of becoming the first independent people's brand.

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Consumer is King

Consumer Centralization

The mindset of the past 20 years has been to create a solution to a problem and remain service orientated. This is the brainchild of a generation that has built the internet and has focused their attention on simple solutions to everyday problems while creating consumer surveillance marketing. The effect resulted in a centralized system that now has reached its peak: consumers are taking charge. They demand their own Terms & Conditions, control over their data and they want to be paid for being targeted. The consumer wants their own bubble back. Kazuma Tateisi (founder of Omron Global) once described it very simply in his only book The Eternal Venture Spirit: within every bubble, whether it is industrialized or freely accessible, the will of the venture spirit arises as a natural progression of innovation and demands independent participation.

Demanding Independent Participation


Mind Your Own Business

Developing & Fundraising



The Netherlands


Tel. 0031(0)85 0604192
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Tel. 0031(0) 617161733
Email. info@spinnit.io
Address : Kopernikusstrasse 23, 10245


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