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Wij maken ongewone businessmodellen voor buitengewone mensen !

Universeel Data Dividend is het enige compromis. #DD


Our 10 year innovation journey

More then fragmented marketplaces or a political body, the future is a massively played reality where branches of gamification allow you to win without ever discovering half of the possible directions but can also lose by blinding yourself for not recognising waves of innovation.


Equal opportunity

Digital participation where democratising business models, impact for everyone, data equality is offered. Freedom of contract a new norm becomes and digital slavery is a thing of the past.

Gamification & Impact

Driving consumer behaviour corporations call it, but with Impact & Intention corporations find themselves in a reality where consumers take control. The new player is autonomous, and this will make for some adjustments.

Iconic & Epic

Working to generate scalable models for Impact & intention orientated influence to approach innovation differently. Not working for fame and attention but Epic Impact.


The intention economy as the catalysator to adjust the conversation and take responsibility. Tools to collaborate and remain autonomous and free in a lateral manner rather than vertical.

Executive Team

Decentral orienated from Zwolle & Berlin

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Mathilde Geraets


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Paul Iske


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Jeroen van Doornik

Project manager & Consultant

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Esmee Paters

PR & Consultant

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Jorian Bos

Co - founder &

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Martijn van Santen


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Dave Dirks


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Ingmar Miedema

Founder & Consultant

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Eike Berend Post

Advisor & Consultant

Knowledge & development partners

Collaboration to create a variety of network orientated business models, iconic impact and data trusts.

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Steven de Boer

CEO - Icepay

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Ando Tuininga

Co-Founder Pure Africa

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Arnold Bouman

CEO - Storm In Recruitment

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Peter Mols

Founder - Xurux

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Othniel van Bergeijk

CEO - MaxServ

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Hulmo Christiaansen

Principal Engineer



The Netherlands


Tel. 0031(0)85 0604192
Email. info@spinnit.io
Address : Greenshieldstraat 81 8017 GM



Tel. 0031(0) 617161733
Email. info@spinnit.io
Address : Kopernikusstrasse 23, 10245


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*Full Stack Developer
*Privacy Advocate
*Financial Innovator
*industry Advisors

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