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Catalysation on 13 points.

We need a new story, a story that creates natural Impact. A market where the lead or the use case is a wheel anyone can understand to create prosperity, catalyse and build a future.

Heroes Journey

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A monomyth is present in every story. A story that should be written by anyone differently and always has the benefit of being successful. Our social media story has yet to create this myth other the myth of how people can be forced in walking a story for ‘likes’ ‘shares’ & “retweets’ that is characterised by attention disorders rather than Epic Impact.

From Influencer Marketing towards Impact Marketing

Today we communicate with the speed of light however our systems do not allow for influence in the same manner and do not fit a new generations idea of changemakers. Technology companies made use of this problem depriving a new generation to create a change.

By changing the nature of our relationships with these corporations and how they can spend the earnings from our data we can make them work for our new found influence. By looking at digital relations as shares that have a programmable intention and monetisation rules we can regroup and build our intelligence.

We have to upgrade our thinking just like a java-script with data shares and our mobile ventures. This way we can be social entrepreneurs with data dividend.

From Social Networks towards Social Entrepeurship

From "I Agree" & Data Slavery towards empowered relationships with terms and conditions.

You can only understand something if you can name it and count it, if does not old these 2 characteristics you simply cannot understand it.You can only understand something if you can name it and count it, if does not old these 2 characteristics you simply cannot understand it.

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The more you allow for others to dictate your terms and conditions and name your relationships the more complex the world becomes.

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