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Mind Your Own Business


8% equity of Spinnit Technologies through 80.000 certificate shares.

Elite Pre Sale

Spinnit Technologies


If you make a bid you instantly become eligable for the airdrop that encompanies every certificate. Certificates are not assigned on any blockchain and are part of the 8% public STAK which is a legal Dutch Entity.

80.000 Certificates for Digital Independency

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0,01% Equity Certificates | 50.000 Coins (airdrop)
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Add Smart Options to your Smart Contracts

We gain nothing if we stay affiliates


A smart option is just a little bit smarter then a normal right to mediate. And that is exactly what it is, the right to partake in product sales and earn a commission upon selling. Their is no need for a million personal shops, while that is fun, holding a number of options from different vendors on different websites allow you to diversify your earnings, your personal brand and allows companies to create massive reseller networks of trusted agents working independently with a different mission that of the conglomerate.


A smart option can be created within the spinnit mobile application or as a plugin in your existing web-shop environment. and generates aa nice contract button next to your sales proposition. You can set up a smart option with different characteristics such as a location based option, bonus for when buying a product, link a commission to an Impact Run and create product sale cycles based on Cause Based Marketing. A smart option can be published in any means of communication environment and social media.

Affiliate & Options

The beauty of affiliate marketing, you don’t have to the invest the time and effort to create a product to sell.
To able to build our prosperous networks, we need to be able to organize our networks and work according to same swiftness software is automizing our future.Not only have the ability to barter with our data, but barter with access to our trusted networks. Smart Options are meant to level the affiliate market structures back to the simplicity of holding a contract that allows to earn a commission.
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* Create a product introduction with a limited badge of stock that shares a commission to impact other the your profit
Launch a product and create a community of resellers
Reward your peers for introducing you to the buyer
USell your new app and let your community reap the benefits together.
* Be free from an employer and work independently

2 Types

Initially we offer 2 standardized types of smart options that can be added to any form of digital business model and product. Whether this is an auction model, sale of pair of sneakers or mediation for a job vacancy, smart options should inspire anyone to share and build a successful empire of formal resellers.

To reclaim authority of your network access you need to be able to barter your referral.

Direct Smart Option

An option that pays out a commission to a direct sales and works mostly through direct links. (proof of ownership)
Spot Smart Option

Is a crowdsourced option that allows multiple participants to earn a commission upon sales. (proof of ownership)
Stackable Smart Option

Is a combined number of DSO, SPO and CCO contracts stacking up the right to a commission upon selling. The badge of contracts can be sold by the owner of the option contracts. (proof of origin)

The Goal

A smart option has the goal to catalyze our understanding of independent affiliation, selling and network participation. To facilitate global digital trade routes where consumers are acknowledged as prosumers.

A smart option can be free of charge or have an initial payment for participating.

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250 Certificates

0,025% Equity Certificates | 125.000 Coins (airdrop)
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Add Smart Options to your Smart Contracts

We gain nothing if we stay affiliates


Impact is the ability to invest with a positive and measurable outcome on finance, environment and social. Impact can become a viable way to create cross global cause based marketing and new possibilities to decentralize the nature of finance and create a continues structure for doing business and help those that are left in the middle and are struggling to innovate.


Impact is meant to bring a positive change on a financial, environment and social level. By using product commissions and directing them towards goals you care about you can create Impact. Just simply give the ability to earn a commission and allow someone to invest in your impact goals. You can even create a point based system that allows you to create true loyalty, use spinnit coins for this. Create intense matching algorithms to communities and reward their goals. Learn the local game and become that brand that not listens to influence, but listens to help.

There is no Point

When the world became intelligent.
Their is absolutely no use in a world of data to analyze and map our comparative interests if you can’t influence. This road in a world of real-time is not only broken, it has made it possible that lack of compassionate creation is sipped into the world of economics. The banker, the trader, the player and the entrepreneur are faced with a prosumer that works in a different manner and therefore speaks tongues, for their is no match between their goals, they speak gibberish. Where the corporate is only interested in profit and user personas, the persona is only interested in being a service to society, wants to change and create impact, become a social legend.
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*Organize groups and create crowdsourced investments
*Create a fundraising and scale endlessly
*Sell products with your own product[RED]
*Become a profesional fund raiser
*Create comprehensive strategies to raise funds as part of your influencer marketing / brand strategy
*Make companies fund your world changing goals by promoting your RUNS for IMPACT.

The Goal

Becoming a society of smart cities, technological automatization and becoming a resilient society not only asks us to share success, but give success as well. With Spinnit we focus on distributing values both in real-time and future incomes, this allows us to create a total new way to organize crowdsourced micro-financing.

Not only invest, but even use future product sales to distribute to your potential small financial investments allowing you to build a micro portfolio of impact investing.

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