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About us


When Social Media got accepted as a new industry some of us started working on creating a more equal playing field to combat social verticals. Means and tools that allow for reciprocal relationships and do not take hostage of your language.

Are you Speaking Hieroglyphs?

City Marketing

Multi local Impact

We think that in the day and age where everyone can create global success, stories must be local orientated and grounded. A prosumer that contributes to a local township while impacting and influencing its global citizenship. That is what we at Spinnit focus on.

A peoples company

Terms & Conditions

You only come in control of your data once you can state the terms and conditions. This is the difference between a people’s brand and a bank, and the exact place where the biggest fork in history will come to play out.

Venture based identity

Independent publishing

The personal agency, foundation or another buzzword, to accompany the blockchain hype. Even called the Selfish Ledger by Google. However, it is the next real cycle for the next 30 years of global optimization and innovation and one of the thorns in the eyes of governments.


Mind Your Own Business

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Spinnit Builders


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Ingmar Miedema


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Jorian Bos


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Rick Helmink


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Is this you?

Straight from the master

Consumers taking charge

The honeybee collects nectar not with the intent to pollinate the flowers, but to make honey. The result, however, is a service to the flower. So it is with the enterprise, which in its pursuit of profits ends up serving society. Therefore, to say that an enterprise is a public service, rather, it is to say that fundamentally, enterprise is public service.

Kazuma Tateisi | The Eternal Venture Spirit

Supervisory Board


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Paul Iske

Radical Coach

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Mathilde Geraets

Business Coach

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Martijn van Santen

International & Strategy

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Dave Dirks

Legal Council

Freedom Is Self Deternimation

Baruch Spinoza

Known Associates


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Arnold Bouman

Human Resource & Planning

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Jeroen van Doornik

Creative & Disruptor

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Erik Berlin

Animation & Art

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Hulmo Christiaansen

Principal Engineer

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Othniel van Bergeijk

Business Development

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Robert Collijn

Network manager & Energy



The Netherlands


Tel. 0031(0)85 0604192
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Address : Greenshieldstraat 81 8017 GM



Tel. 0031(0) 617161733
Email. info@spinnit.io
Address : Kopernikusstrasse 23, 10245


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