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Mind Your Own Business


Their is no point in changing the world if you are not allowed to create yourself and cast your intent and will to Impact for a better world.

Everyone is entitiled to change the world

Brand Story


Max has been the subject of many innovations, once his job was taken away by a large centralized e-commerce entity and then his social network was abducted by a blue man that analyzes everything he and his friends do, well…did. Relentlessly he tried to explain to his friends that they are being monetized in a way that rivals pure imprisoning. He could not understand their new language, suddenly they started liking everything and speaking tongues.

Investment Summary


If your are not paying for it you are the product, anonymous, the examples of rebelling against the current ways are endless and the DarkWeb and even the crypto industry is potrayed as the criminal response to it all while the big corporations make their next plan to re-own centralize your attention and build vendor locked-in models. The loss over our data, ability to connect on our own terms and conditions has reached mass media and has absolutely no idea how to handle a toddler that decided it does not want to connect on their terms. The world is lacking a brand that is positive yet rebellious and counters technology culture to become humans again.


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