#MYOB | Spinnit to get Paid

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Mind Your Own Business


Doing an ICO is something special. It comes from the principle that good ideas should be given a change where the VC world is lacking and are not giving the chance to entrepeneurs with a new mindset and their only chance has become the public.

Spinnit Technologies


Closed Biding

From September to December we are running a closed bidding to reach our goal of 1.5 million EUR. We will use the budget to build the Spinnit FR application to run our ICO and manage our awarness campaign #MYOB.
Start Bidding
September - December

Develop FR

Starting October we start building the Spinnit FR mobile application. The application will be a stand alone and as a use case part of Spinnit of Enterprise.
November - Januari

Mind Your Own Business

From October we will start the innitial part of the global awarness campaign #MYOB. The campaign is ment to run untill stage 4 of the Spinnit ICO.
October / Untill Stage 4


The exact date of our 500.DAYS is not yet released. We are planning an exact date but we are not sure yet if all our prepartions are in time.