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Fund Running

Spinnit FR

Whether you want to raise funds for your business or favourite charity, or raise attention to your causes, we have your back.

FR is meant to give anyone a fighting chance to raise funds and share Kickback fees to catalyze and accelerate.

Light Weight

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Mobile Crowdfunding

As simple as sending a text message for a donation or an investment for your favorite charity or your own business. FR is quick, easy and made to accelerate the new economy.

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Tasks, Bounties & Badges

Need something done, just list tasks and give out rewards that are either based on compensations, ranking or badges.

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Datsik feat. Virtual Riot Testo Warriors of the Night

Kick Back fee

Scale quickly by giving out kickback fees to people running with you and help spread the word.

Alt Coins

All crypto hold value. Let people invest or donate their saved coins to cross promote and invest.


Spinnit offers real-time ranking for those who are brave enough. Get up the leaderboards or create your own leagues while funding.

Due Diligence

Get your project or charity the credentials they need, either ask our partners or get smart contract verifications from 3rd parties.

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From September until December you can place bids on our 80.000 certificates



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Tel. 0031(0)85 0604192
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Tel. 0031(0) 617161733
Email. info@spinnit.io
Address : Kopernikusstrasse 23, 10245


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